What is Whisper?
A 40 day movement to inspire better conversations.
A whisper is gentle and vulnerable, yet steadfast and powerful.
It's a secret shared between friends, a silent-affirmation, a declaration of strength.
This campaign channels the power of a whisper into the force of a movement; by removing the stigmas of shame and fear, we can begin to understand ourselves, one another, and the world around us.
In a world full of shouting, #whisper says it's time to listen, to set aside our differences, to discover what binds us together instead of what drives us apart.
What are relational needs?
We all have relational needs. We need to feel encouraged, we need to feel that the things we do are appreciated, we need to feel loved, we need to feel seen, and we need to feel known - there is no escaping that - it’s just part of being human. Some of us may go our entire lives without ever experiencing what an authentic, healthy relationship looks like - so having an example can be super helpful.
Whisper wants to show everyone the life-changing power that comes through simply considering another person and their world by breaking down why relational needs are important and giving practical ways of living them out.
What we need:
You Got This
Sometimes it just takes a little push. This session revolves around overcoming the fear of chasing your dream. A kind word, an affirmation, or a confirmation of your vision can be the catalyst that changes the world.
We Get You
How can we bridge the gap when we don’t even understand what lies on the other side? By fostering dialogue instead of disagreement, we can tear down the walls that keep us apart. We are not all the same but we are all alike.
We Got You
You have more help than you realize. You just have to ask. This lesson is about tapping into your community to accomplish more than you could ever imagine.
We Noticed
Doing the right thing can be exhausting. It’s a lot easier to be self-serving than a servant. This week is about recognizing the sacrifices made every day that are anything but “everyday”. Let's shine some light on doing good.
We Feel You
Sympathy is simple. Empathy takes self awareness, humility, and understanding. When faced with the struggles of others, how can we tap into our own to find common ground?