How Does Whisper Work?

    Whisper is a grassroots movement.

Beginning with a group of key student leaders, or activators, each of whom become a catalyst for change in their schools, Whisper is able to become student-led from within, leading to fresh, relevant, and innovative ways of reaching one another in an ever-changing culture. This can transform a school climate in a way that is authentic, personal, and sustainable.

If we can have better conversations and a deeper understanding of each other we can cultivate a more inclusive and more supportive environment in our schools and in our communities at large.

Kristina Chapple, the first Whisper student leader, speaking to 3,300+ students in her school about the message of Whisper

Whisper is not just another club or an exclusive group of leaders. Whisper is a mindset that anyone and everyone can take on and bring anywhere in their daily life where you are not just being concerned with yourself, but you’re on the lookout for other people.