Why Conversations?

   A conversation is a tool. Just like the wheel helps us get from point A to point B, like glasses which bring our world into clear view, or like a computer which helps connect us with new information. A conversation enables us to share whats on the inside with the outside. Conversations allow us to let others know how we are feeling, or for us to find out how others are feeling, too. Conversations are bridges which connect me to you, you to your friend, your friend to their friends, and so on out to the rest of the world.

In high school, and even later in life as an adult, it can really be hard to know how to even start a conversation. Sometimes it feels awkward and uncomfortable. Sometimes you just freeze and don’t know what to say. That’s when it’s beautiful to be the one who is equipped to break the ice - the one who can make others feel comfortable, seen, and loved.

Many people are fortunate to inherit and learn these skills from those around them: their family, friends, teachers, coaches, or church leaders. Many more have missed out on this opportunity to learn one of the most important skills in life: healthy communication through effective conversation.

Whisper knows the value of developing the skills to be able to share what’s on our hearts. It truly can be a matter of life or death. Our desire is to search to find the most effective methods of healthy communication and to share this knowledge and these skills with the next generation so that they may live their lives with the ability to relate to one another with respect, support, and love.

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